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Flavors: Unfalvoured
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Enhance Bioavailability
Maximum Muscle Support
5 G Glutamine per serving






Product Description

VNN GLUTAMINE is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade nano micronized powder that mixes complete & clear. This is most abundant amino acid found in muscles and over 60% of skeletal muscle is glutamine. During intense training glutamine level gets depleted which leads to decrease in recovery time and less muscle growth.

As an athlete, your muscles need glutamine on constant basis to get replenished and for further growth. Studies have shown that glutamine supplementation can increase cell volumizing, protein synthesis, new muscle growth and minimize breakdown of muscle.

  Increases protein synthesis and hydration.

 Reduces the rate of muscle breakdown by gaining anabolic benefits.

 May increase cell volume.

 Essential for muscle anabolism and recovery.

 Ability to achieve overall health and fitness.

 Primary transporter of nitrogen into muscle cells.

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