Greek Muscle Oil

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Muscle cell activator

Greek Muscle Oil

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Remove Lactic acid
Manage Endorphins
Break down adhesion
Increase Capillarization
Maximum Vasolidation



to perform


their limits

Product Description

Greek ancient civilizafion experienced and started using the incredible and boundless properties of natural oils and formulated blends to maximize the sports performances. Taking inspirafion from this fime-tested tradition VNN SPORTS has come up with this majesfic formulafion to take the sports performances at new heights.

By incorporafing massage with Greek Muscle Oil into a regular workout means increasingflexibility, elasficity and maximizing sports performance. Enhanced flexibility and elasficity allows muscles to stretch and move to their opfimal length by increasing range of movement. Our oil is the most effective way to acfivate the muscle cells by removing waste products and allows an increase of blood circulafion that further allows more oxygen and nutrients to muscle fibers to perform at its best. This unique formulation also speeds up joint recovery and helps to get rid of pain.

Enriched With:

  Vitamin A.

 Vitamin B3.

 Vitamin E.

 Vitamin D.

 Linoleic Acid.

 Palmific Acid.


Suggested Use: Apply Greek Muscle Oil gently and well before training session to acfivate the muscle cells. Rub with a moderate amount in a manner to avoid sudden injury to the soft fissue (muscle) and wipe them well. In case of intense training or fafigue, apply oil post workout also to improve skin elasficity and blood supply to the underlying muscle. You will noflee a faster recovery as the bloodflow increased and the tactic acid of metabolic processes is removed rapidly from the extended blood vessels and scar tissues are repaired.
Storage: This product is being packed in glass bottle as glass is the best option to store oils to hold their properties intact for utmost usage. Handle with care. Keep awayfrom direct heat and sun light.

Additional Information

Removing Lactic Acid
Lactic acid is produced in muscles and builds up during intense exercise and leads to fightness, fafigue and muscle pain. This further leads to delay in recovery and low performance. Greek Muscle Oil simulates lymphatic drainage by assisting naturally flushing out waste products and toxins such as lactic acid out of the muscles. The decrease of waste products and toxins in the body triggers rapid recovery and flexibility in the muscles to perform at its best.
Managing Endorphins
Endorphins are a hormone-like substance which is released from the brain and serve as an excellent recovery agent. Massage with Greek Muscle Oil simulates the release of endorphins in the body which also works as a body’s natural pain killer. When pain is decreased, recovery is restored andflexibility in the muscles is increased, muscles are ready to accelerate.
Breaking Down Adhesions
Adhesions are dense collecfion of scar fissues that form in the muscles due to injury in connecfive fissues during intense workout. Adhesions cause knots and restrict and reduce the movement of muscle & joint performance. Greek Muscle Oil penetrates into the muscle fibers and plays key role by breaking down adhesions, repairing scar fissues and stretching and elongafing the musclefibers. Once muscle fibers are realigned, movement is restored, muscular condition is improved and muscles are ready to perform at its best.
Capillarization & Vasodilation
Applying Greek Muscle Oil increases Capillarizafion and Vasodilafion in the blood flow. Increased Capillarizafion is theformafions of an increase in capillaries that surround a muscle and are small blood vessels located within fissues that transfer blood to muscles. This increases bloodflow to muscles which accelerates supplies o/ oxygen and nutrients. Vasodilafion is the widening of blood vessels and allowing the blood vessels to become more open. This leads to an increase in blood flow through your blood vessels. This helps to improve muscle condifion and an increase in energy to perform beyond the limits.
Allergen: If you are sensifive to oils/essen fial oils, try with one drop only. If you get any symptoms like skin itching, blister and redness or any other unusual symptoms after using this product please stop using and contact a physician/doctor.
Warning: This product is intendedfor athletes only as massage oil. Do not use it to treat or cure or for any other medical condition. Discontinue use and consult a medical doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms. Do not use if temper or authentic evident security feature is broken or missing. Wipe off your hands immediately afier applying the oil or before staring workout session or any other acfivity to avoid mishandling & slippage.
Notice: This product is for external use only. Keep away from children.


Naveen Rana

January 27, 2022
Excellent product . Very useful for muscle pain .


out of 5

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