Greek Skin Oil

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Anti Stretch Marks

Greek Skin Oil

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Flavors: Aromatic
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Unique ability to nurish the inner layers of skin
Improves the skin texture and fades the scars away
Infused with most powerful & effective natural ingredients





Mother Nature

Product Description

After the grand success of Greek Muscle Oil, VNN proudly presents Greek Skin Oil which is An Stretch Marks.This incredible formula is designed with most powerful organic & natural ingredients from the garden of Mother Nature to eliminate the stretch marks and to improve skin tone & texture. Stretch marks happen when skin changes shape rapidly due to growth, weight gain and weight loss or during weight training programme (to grow the muscles). Both men and women can get stretch marks as bands of parallel lines on their skin. These warrior strips from a training session or during pregnancy or due to any other reason are going to be eliminated by incredible formula comprised of most powerful & effecve essenal oils. The astringent properes of these powerful ingredients can help detoxify the lymphac system to aid and strengthening connecve ssues. Greek Skin Oil has the unique ability to nourish the inner layers of skin. It penetrates deep into the skin layers, nourishes the skin, improves the skin texture and fades the new and older stretch marks over a period of days not months. Within weeks you will noce significant difference in the appearance of the stretch marks. Regular use of Greek Skin Oil makes skin amazingly smooth, firm, ripple & bumps free. It significantly enhances skin tone & texture and stretch marks would be the thing of past.

Additional Information

Suggested Use: Apply Greek Skin Oil gently and well on the new skin stretch marks once a day before you go to sleep. Rub with a moderate amount in a manner to avoid sudden injury to the so ssues and wipe them well. In case of deep and old marks, apply oil twice a day (Morning & Evening) to get the opmal results. You will noce a significant difference in the appearance of stretch marks.
Storage: This product is being packed in glass bole as glass is the best opon to store oils to hold their properes intact for utmost usage. Handle with care. Keep away from direct heat and sun light. Allergen: If you are sensive to oils/essenal oils, try with one drop only. If you get any symptoms like skin itching, blister and redness or any other unusual symptoms aer using this product please stop using and contact a physician/doctor.
Warning: This product is intended for athletes only as massage oil. Do not use it to treat or cure or for any other medical condion. Disconnue use and consult a medical doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms. Do not use if temper evident security feature is broken or missing. Wipe off your hands immediately aer applying the oil to avoid mishandling & slippage.
Notice: This product is for external use only. Do not drink it. Keep away from children. Not recommended under the age of 18 years
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